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Looney Tunes (DC Comics) 261 is an issue of the series of Looney Tunes comics from DC Comics. The issue date is September 2021.


Same-Day Ca-Taz-Trophe

Starring: Elmer Fudd, Taz
Guest starring: Bugs Bunny
Summary: Elmer the Messenger tries his best to deliver an envelope to Taz, but Taz doesn't want it.

Dear Tabby

Starring: Sylvester, Tweety
Cameo: Hector
Summary: Sylvester asks an advice columnist how to catch Tweety, but the advice backfires because the author is not who he expected.

Postage Stumped

Starring: Porky Pig
Guest starring: Daffy Duck
Cameo: Yosemite Sam
Summary: Porky goes to the Post Office to complain about a late parcel, but is given the runaround by Daffy.