Looney Tunes (Gold Key) 4 is an issue of Gold Key Comics' Looney Tunes series. The issue date is October 1975.


Gwanny's Wacation!

(Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement)
Starring: Tweety and Sylvester
Cameo: Granny
Summary: When Granny leaves, Sylvester uses a girl canary to lure Tweety out of his cage. Tweety evades him, then distracts him with a pie.

Shtick to It

Starring: Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig
Guest starring: Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and Cicero Pig
Summary: When Daffy enters an amateur comedian contest, Bugs and Porky team up against him. Daffy sabotages them by tripping their helper, Cicero, so their cue cards get mixed up. When Elmer "intwoduces" Daffy however, he wins the prize with his babytalk shtick.

The Robber Rooster

Starring: Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk
Summary: When the crooked fox, "Chicken-Suit Chester," infiltrates the barnyard, the Sheriff arrests Foghorn by mistake. Henery falls for the fox's disguise, and his attempts to catch the "rooster" keep him busy until the Sheriff returns.

Mary Jane and Sniffles

Starring: Mary Jane and Sniffles
Summary: Mary Jane and Sniffles ask some termites to move before the exterminator arrives.

The Carpet Caper

Starring: Wile E. Coyote and Beep Beep
Cameo: Yosemite Sam
Summary: Wile E. orders a flying carpet, but mid-flight, the Road Runner calls its manufacturer and lies, saying the carpet is malfunctioning so he'll recall it, with the coyote still onboard!

The Rat Pack

Starring: Tweety and Sylvester
Guest starring: Granny
Summary: When Granny goes out, some rats sneak in. Tweety and Sylvester must work together to make them leave before Granny returns.