• TheBigGnome

    The rhyming roadrunners

    October 23, 2016 by TheBigGnome

    I grew up in the Gold Key era. As a young boy, I was enamored with the rhyming speech of the Roadrunner and his three nephews. I thought the nephew thing was just a ripoff of Donald Duck, but this new speech pattern from a character who never spoke in the cartoons was something else. Sure, he might hold up a sign once in a while, but he never spoke anything but his Beep Beep. No other characters rhymed, in the comics or the cartoons. Why him? It captivated me for a short while.

    By the time I was a teenager I was jaded against it. I thought it juvenile and pedantic. Nowadays it can seem tiresome at times, but I think back to the young me who enjoyed it, and I smirk.

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